Dec 30, 2012

How do Online Surveys help in Market Research?

When it comes for a successful business venture, market research and online survey are always remains at the center. Viewing the importance of online survey and online data collection for market research, OpinionBureau was conceived some years back. Since, its inception the online survey panel has worked tremendously great and clients are relying much on this platform. In a short span of time the platform has established as one of the renowned names in the field of online survey and online fielding for market research.

In fact companies like Dell, Yahoo, Coco-Cola, IBM and Microsoft are pumping a huge amount of their money in doing effective market research for their products and services. Initially these companies were relying on vendors to do market research so that they can have the real taste of the water. However, with the advent of Internet and World Wide Web it has became possible for companies and brands reach directly to these consumers and seek for their opinion.


However, we owe much of our success to our panel members, their true and authentic opinion that help our client shape-up their product and services as per the need of the market. We are always looking for people and individuals who are willing to take part on online surveys. It is their true, genuine and authentic opinion about products that keeps market move on. OpinionBureau is one of those platforms that bridge the gap present between consumers and manufacturers. We believe there should be a direct communication between these two components and that's what we are here for.

OpinionBureau is the one stop destination and channel for people who are willing to voice their opinion and thoughts about products that are available in the market. So, what are the benefits that OpinuonBureau offer to their panel members and participants, here goes some of these benefits?

Work from Anywhere in the World:

No matter where you stay, OpinionBureau has something for all people across the globe. In fact we are always in search of people of different geography, location, race and countries. OpinioBureau is open to all and we welcome their participation open heartedly.

Get Paid Instantly:

We believe your time and effort is precious and valuable and hence we compensate all those participants and panel members who take part in these online surveys. We are not a crook company that wishes to cheat people, our aim is to create a relationship with our fellow members that will be possible when we remain transparent and

Set Your own Working Hours:

No one is boss here or there is no one who is superior to you, you are your own boss and you are the only one who will be scheduling the working hours. We usually send online surveys round the clock so there is no hard and fast rule about when to work and what will be the time frame.

No Financial Risks:

There is nothing to lose for you. We don’t charge any upfront money from participant and we usually compensate at the end of their participation.

No Special Skills Required:

OpinionBureau has survey almost for every strata of society irrespective of their skills and expertise. Unlike other online market research company, we allow members having wide range of skills and expertise all you have to do is join our online survey panel and participate on our online surveys.

About OpinionBureau:

OpinionBureau is an online consumer survey panel where people and individuals can voice their opinion and thoughts about products to shape the future market.

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