Jun 14, 2016

Role Played by Online Surveys in Today’s Market

In a market where a major section of buyers are opting for online shopping, there has to be methods to check the market trends through the internet. The fast paced lives that most people have these days make it impossible for them to wait and fill out survey forms in person. On the other hand, since the entire market is oriented towards consumer’s interests and demands, it is imperative that there be a method by which organisations can find out about what their consumers want and what response existing products and services are generating. The system of Online Survey can be greatly rewarding for both consumers and sellers in this regard. Here are some of the benefits that can be generated by online surveys:

• Speed – Studies have revealed that an online survey requires two-third less time as compared to a traditional research system. There is far less paperwork associated with online surveys so companies can hire less manpower and yet get the work done in time. Market trends show that the largest number of people Participate in Online Surveys within the first 3 days of putting the survey online. Whereas for a face to face survey, the entire onus would be on the market research company and how much effort they take to reach out to people will decide whether the survey is taken by a targeted number of consumers.

• Cost Saving – As mentioned above, there is a lot less paperwork involved, lesser number of man force required and all of this leads to the work getting done faster – all of this contributes towards lesser expense.

• Accuracy – Since the entire survey is computerised, so there is a far lesser possibility of errors. In case of manual surveys, you have to rely on marketing personnel and their attentiveness when interviewing someone as well as when deriving results. Since consumers themselves place the inputs in case of online surveys and results are derived mechanically, the rate of accuracy is much higher. There is also the issue of answering more honestly because of the comfort. Participants often tend to feel uncomfortable in the presence of another person who is constantly questioning them about their habits, daily lifestyle and so on. They are likely to come up with more truthful responses when questioned on similar lines by a computer or in the absence of any human being.

• Convenient – This is true for both researchers and consumers. Participants can log in anytime they want from any place they wish to. Similarly, researchers have the survey data instantly available at all times and can access it whenever they need. Spreadsheets and software have the data stored for long after the survey has been taken making it simpler for researchers to take a look at previous survey samples even months after it has been taken.

• Incentive for users – Online survey rewards is what makes these surveys more attractive to participants. Consumers can now voice their opinion and create a direct impact on the market and get rewarded for the same through direct payment or recharging or shopping coupons.

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