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Mar 23, 2020

Getting Down to Business, from Home.

Declared as a pandemic by WHO, Coronavirus or COVID-19, has changed the face of the earth. We are witnessing a never-seen-before phenomenon and its repercussions are equally perplexing. A disease that has gripped more than 330,000 people claiming more than 14,000 lives has forced the governments to issue a complete lockdown. It has further pushed workplaces to switch to a 'Work From Home' mode to contain the spread of the virus.

Feb 18, 2020

Entertainment is the spice of life

As human beings, we turn to different kinds of entertainment to break free from our mundane life. We want to change our routine to have fun and amuse ourselves. We are desperately trying to distract our minds so that we unwind and enjoy the pleasures of life better. Entertainment, thus, is a constant source of succour for us, especially in times of stress.

Jan 07, 2020

Mobile Wallets – Indian Economy 2.0

A mobile wallet is no longer just a trending app in one’s phone. It is an absolute must-have that has replaced the cash in our leather wallets. It has challenged the age-old cash flow of the Indian economy with a modern-day digital payment methodology. –

Aug 26, 2016

Take Part in Online Surveys and Bring About Change

In today’s day and time earning through smart work is more preferred than earning through hard work. The essential difference between the two is the amount of effort that you have to put in and what your earnings through that effort. Earning by doing something online is always easy and fun. You can just sit at home and do your work and earn easy bucks.

Jun 16, 2016

Take Part in an Online Survey and Earn Some Extra Cash

If you are looking for an opportunity to earn some cash without having to work too hard, you can look up paid online surveys at Opinion Bureau. Developed by the Internet Research Bureau Pvt. Ltd., this is an initiative to make market survey simpler and make data readily available. Paid online surveys help both parties of a survey. On one hand it gives survey participants a scope to earn by simply answering a few questions, on the other, it helps companies to get their market research data much more easily. Get paid surveys when placed online minimize the need for manpower, thus reducing researching costs by a great extent. The scope for occurrence of errors is also minimal since everything is digital. The client can also access the data whenever they want to.

Oct 07, 2015

Make Your Voice Heard and Get Paid for It! Get Compensated for Surveys!

Are you aware that you can earn money for survey? How many times have market researchers approached you but you just avoided them because you found no interest in it? The answer will be ‘innumerable times’ for most of you. What if someone told you that you can get reward for your opinion? Yes, Opinion Bureau brings to its members the brilliant opportunity of earning by sharing their opinion on products, services, events and occurrences in their daily lives and surrounding them.

Mar 14, 2014

How to Make Your Online Survey Earning Better

Who doesn’t like to earn extra? Maintaining a better lifestyle needs money and when your full time earning is not sufficient for your livelihood, you would like to earn extra by doing part-time job. There is no wonder that today there are multiple part time job opportunities, but among all taking online surveys is quite popular. It’s all because the part time job offers enough flexibility to earn extra. You can do this job at any time and from anywhere. You just need a computer with internet connection and you can also do the job on your phone supporting internet connection. There is no work pressure and target. It is you who decide the target. In other words, you have the flexibility to decide the workload you can easily bear. Apart from that; you have gotten the flexibility to choose the area you would like to.