Oct 08, 2021

Time for Some Smart Earnings

Did you know you can sign-up for online surveys to earn money? Oh, yes! If you go online and simply type something like: “Best Online Survey Site in India” you’ll be presented with a number of online poll providers in India.

Nov 18, 2020

Staying Abreast of Breast Cancer

Just hearing the word ‘cancer’ will send a shiver down one's spine. Even knowing about the advanced levels of science and technology present to treat cancer will not provide any relief. It is a disease caused by an abnormal cell division that starts destroying the body tissue. And in the case of breast cancer, this unusual cell growth occurs in the breasts.

Sep 28, 2020

Keeping Up the Social Distancing with Social Networking

Thank god for technology that we are navigating through these unprecedented times with utmost ease. Not only has it been essential in helping us stay connected with our friends and family, but it has also been the thing that has kept us all sane. It has bridged all communication gaps, connecting people from across the country. Be it for official work or socializing, all social networking apps have proven to be of great value for the world over.

Aug 05, 2020

You Reap What You Sow

No one could have imagined that someday the meaning of home-sweet-home would come to this. The entire world – locked in their homes – is trying to stay safe and away from the clutches of the coronavirus. People are seeking ways to pass their time – some are turning to the comforts of their sofa to binge and chill; some are trying to lose themselves in the fantasy world of books; and some are simply immersing themselves in their work. Many people have also turned this adversity on its head to transform themselves. They are adopting healthier lifestyles by practicing yoga, eating right, and just being mindful of all the bounties of nature.

Apr 09, 2020

The Ever-Increasing Panic of the Pandemic

Sometimes it’s inconceivable how a tiny thing, invisible to the naked eye has the power to eradicate the most evolved species on the planet. A nanoparticle that can leave all the world organisations, governments, and armed forces baffled. A speck that can topple down trillions of dollars’ worth world economy into rubble, in a matter of days. And the presence of this very minuscule virus, the coronavirus, has made the impossible, possible – rendering the World Health Organisation speechless on the complexity of the virus.

Mar 23, 2020

Getting Down to Business, from Home.

Declared as a pandemic by WHO, Coronavirus or COVID-19, has changed the face of the earth. We are witnessing a never-seen-before phenomenon and its repercussions are equally perplexing. A disease that has gripped more than 330,000 people claiming more than 14,000 lives has forced the governments to issue a complete lockdown. It has further pushed workplaces to switch to a 'Work From Home' mode to contain the spread of the virus.

Feb 18, 2020

Entertainment is the spice of life

As human beings, we turn to different kinds of entertainment to break free from our mundane life. We want to change our routine to have fun and amuse ourselves. We are desperately trying to distract our minds so that we unwind and enjoy the pleasures of life better. Entertainment, thus, is a constant source of succour for us, especially in times of stress.

Jan 07, 2020

Mobile Wallets – Indian Economy 2.0

A mobile wallet is no longer just a trending app in one’s phone. It is an absolute must-have that has replaced the cash in our leather wallets. It has challenged the age-old cash flow of the Indian economy with a modern-day digital payment methodology. –

Jun 27, 2018

SBI’s Denial To Pay for Failed Transaction Wrong

Leading online survey company Opinion Bureau conducted a poll in response to the recent court verdict on SBI’s denial to refund money in a transaction failure incidence. A pregnant lady had given her debit card to her husband to withdraw money from an ATM. In spite of the proven transaction failure, the court turned down the couple’s plea for payment refund. The court cited PIN and card sharing was the violation of rule rendering the demand of refund void.